Inspirations and Resources


Maybe I’m the only faithy-speechie person out there that would find both of these sets of resources helpful, but I doubt it.

SLP Resources
ASHA’s list of speech-language blogs – there are SO many good ones!
I definitely wish I’d had this resource in Graduate school, but, hey! I still found it, right?
Ack!  What place/manner/voicing is that sound again?  This will help.

Related to Faith
God Calling – This book, edited by AJ Russell, was a gift to me by a church lady when I was in high school.  I don’t know when I actually started reading it (probably after college years), but it’s been a tried and true part of my devotions since I opened it.  Short passages with clear messages from Him.  Plus, the story of how it came to be is pretty remarkable!
The Rabbi’s Heartbeat  I’m not quite finished with this book yet, but I can already see that I’ll be reading this as part of my devotion time from now too! Poignant and deep, this book takes me to a place with Christ where I can truly see the relationship He wants to have.

More to come…


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